"The results have been extraordinary thus far, and we continue to be impressed with CommunitySafe and all it can do."

- Director of Technology, Big Walnut Local Schools
What is CommunitySafe? We're Glad you asked.
CommunitySafe provides a unique tool to a variety of organizations by allowing them to communicate timely, relevant messages and create top-of-mind awareness. This instant communication system that allows for the dissemination of vital information to all necessary parties, quickly and effectively.
The system is built on a web-based platform and as such requires no hardware or software. The advanced technology used allows users to deliver unlimited communications and benefit from message delivery in only minutes — regardless of the number of recipients. As a result, organizations utilizing CommunitySafe are experiencing a more timely and cost-effective way to communicate that is embraced by their members and that has become essential to their outreach programs and efforts.

Some of the benefits of using CommunitySafe:
  • Reach thousands of phones or in boxes in minutes
  • Deliver multi-channel communications via voice, text and e-mail
  • No hardware or software to purchase
  • Unlimited messages, users and lists
  • Free, dedicated 24/7 customer support

Who uses CommunitySafe?

Communications to keep faculty, parents and students safe and informed.
Build a stronger community and become more efficient at the same time.
Keep employees safe, motivated and informed.
Build a stronger congregation through effective communication.
Keep your members up-to-date and informed.

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